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VendNGo Digital Food Court

Digital food courts are the latest trend in the food and beverage industry. These innovative food courts combine the convenience of food delivery with the experience of dining.

A digital food court is a food court that allows customers to order food from multiple restaurants through a digital platform. Customers can browse the menus of different restaurants and place their orders using a tablet or mobile device. The food is then prepared by the restaurants and delivered to the customer’s table by a food court staff member or assigned delivery agent.

Digital food courts offer a number of benefits for both customers and restaurants. For customers, digital food courts offer a convenient and hassle-free dining experience. They can browse the menus of multiple restaurants and place their orders from their own devices, without having to wait in line at individual restaurants. They can also track the progress of their orders and receive notifications when their food is ready for pickup.

For restaurants, digital food courts provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. Restaurants can offer their full menus through the digital platform, which allows customers to try new dishes and cuisines that they might not have ordered otherwise. Restaurants can also use the platform to promote special offers and discounts, which can help drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

In addition to the convenience and increased sales, digital food courts also offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly dining experience. Customers can use reusable containers and utensils, which reduces waste and helps to protect the environment.

Digital food courts are a great addition to any shopping mall. They offer a convenient and enjoyable dining experience for customers, and provide restaurants with an opportunity to increase sales and reach a wider audience. As the popularity of food delivery continues to grow, digital food courts are likely to become more and more common in malls around the world.

VendNGo digital food court has been working in the Mall of Travancore, Trivandrum and has been a great addition for the restaurants and customers. The kiosk offers contactless delivery, QR code menus, drive through pick and many other conveniences. Please check it out during your next visit to the mall.

Address: Ground Flr, Mall of Travancore Chackai, Near, Kazhakootam – Kovalam Bypass Rd, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695024, India

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